www.ceramics.org | American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 100, No. 8 8 Celebrating 100 years Into the Bulletin Archives—1990s In November 1991, the “President’s Letter” by Dennis W. Readey set the tone for following ones in the early 1990s when he announced the completion of a strategic planning exercise, the results of which would be used to chart the Society’s course in the future. The redesign of the Bulletin in July 1992 was one of the first visible changes of the strategy. Changes mainly involved the addition of several new sections, including bulletin timeline Into the Bulletin Archives—A look back at our 100 years in print By Lisa McDonald Since May 1922, the ACerS Bulletin has served the ACerS community, providing them updates on member news, Division meetings, and the latest research in ceramics and glass. In celebration of Volume 100 this year, the Bulletin editorial team is running a special column in each issue of the 2021 Bulletin that looks at the history of the Bulletin by decade. This issue highlights the 1990s. We hope you enjoy following the journey of the Bulletin from its early years to today. As an ACerS member, you have access to all 100 years of the Bulletin on the Bulletin Archive Online at https://bulletin-archive.ceramics.org. 100 1990s An expanded Manufacturing section, which contained the previous “Manufacturing Focus” department (renamed “Manufacturing Briefs”) plus products and processes. An “Environmental Update” department, to cover news in this area of interest to ceramic manufacturers. An Engineering section, to be managed by the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers. A Technology of Interest section, which con- tained the previous “Technology Update” depart- ment (renamed “Technology Briefs”) as well as Material Innovations. The establishment of a Ceramic Information Center (CIC) at the Society headquarters was another notable result of the strategy. As explained in the January 1993 issue, the “innovative” center offered a range of services for those requesting ceramic-related information. “We can perform all or any part of an infor- mation search and retrieval. The value of our service lies in our intimate knowledge of ceramic materials and applications. This knowledge pro- duces information searches which are relevant, focused, accurate, cost efficient, and fast.” –Chris Schnitzer, manager of CIC –ACerS Bulletin, Vol. 72., Iss. 1., January 1993 (p. 105) In 1998, the Society witnessed an important mile- stone when it held its 100th Annual Meeting with the theme “A Century of Ceramics.” The January 1998 issue contains details about the meeting, which took place that May, and a timeline of the Society. The issue also announced the publication of a coffee-table Carol M. Jantzen became the first female president of the Society when she was sworn into office during the 98th Annual Meeting in April 1996. At the time, Jantzen was a senior fellow scientist in the Glass Technology Group at Westinghouse Savannah River Co., and a member of ACerS Nuclear & Environmental Technology, Basic Science, and Glass & Optical Materials Divisions. erC A C:tid er S B u l l e t i n ( M a r c h 1 9 9 6 ) V ol. 75 Iss. 3, p. 31 The Society approved its first subsidiary, the American Ceramic Industry Association (ACIA), in 1995. The October “President’s Letter” by Delbert E. Day explains ACIA evolved from the long-range strategic planning effort launched earlier in the decade. Credit: ACerS Bulletin (October 1995) Vol. 74 Iss. 10, p. 7
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