26 www.ceramics.org | American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 100, No. 8 Africa—A wealth of resources and aspirations Celebrating 100 years Directory of ceramic and glass enterprises, institutes, universities, and government agencies in Africa REGIONAL African Academy of Sciences Website: https://www.aasciences.africa Contact page: https://www.aasciences.africa/contact-us This pan-African nonprofit has no political affiliations and seeks to use science to transform lives on the continent. Its mission is threefold: to grant fellowships and awards provide “advisory and think tank functions for shaping Africa’s Science, Technology, and Innovation strategies and policies” and implement programs that address Africa’s developmental challenges. The Academy has five strategic focus areas: environment and climate change, health and wellbeing, natural sciences, policy and governance, and social sciences and humanities. Its initiatives include the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (https://www.aasciences.africa/aesa). Mining Review Africa Website: https://www.miningreview.com Contact page: https://www.miningreview.com/info/ contact-us Webinars: https://www.miningreview.com/webinars ALGERIA Abdelhafid Boussouf University–Mila Website: http://www.centre-univ-mila.dz/?lang=en Natural Sciences and Materials Research Laboratory: http://lsnm.centre-univ-mila.dz/?page_id=208&lang=en Email: lab.lsnm@centre-univ-mila.dz The lab’s 14 teacher-researchers and two Ph.D. students are assigned to research teams focused on sedimentary basins and natural resources, natural plant substances, bioecology and means of control, and materials sciences and application processes. Center for Development of Advanced Technologies Website: https://www.cdta.dz/en Email: contact@cdta.dz The CDTA “supports at the national level the develop- ment of state-of-the-art technologies in multi-disciplinary thematic fields.” Among these are optics, photonics, and lasers materials sciences microelectronics and micro- systems design and development of integrated circuits and nanomaterials and nanotechnology. It targets six areas of impact: health, energy, environment, water, digital, and industrial technologies. University of Bejaia Algeria Website: http://univ-bejaia.dz/en Website of Algerian Journal of Natural Products: http://univ-bejaia.dz/ajnp/index.php/ajnp Email of journal director Kamel Belhamel: kamel.belhamel@yahoo.fr or ajnp2014@gmail.com This free, open-access journal is published twice annually by the University’s Laboratory of Organic Materials. Topics it covers include phytochemistry antimicrobial, antiviral, or antiparasite activities biopolymers and biocomposites electrochemical processes using natural products separa- tion processes using natural products and environmental impact and risk assessment. EGYPT British University in Egypt Website: https://www.bue.edu.eg Email: info@bue.edu.eg Nanotechnology Research Centre website: https://www. bue.edu.eg/nanotechnology-research-centre The Nanotechnology Research Centre focuses on nanoscience advances that reflect “critical community needs, such as water and medicine.” Links from https://ntrc-info.wixsite. com/ntrc/research lead to information about work by the NanoMaterials & Biosensing, Biomaterials for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications, Applied Nano-Catalysis and Polymeric, Advanced Nanomaterials, and Industrial Cataly- sis research groups. The University’s Centre for Advanced Materials provides a list of its projects at https://www.bue. edu.eg/research/research-centers/centre-for-advanced- materials-cam. Cairo University Website: https://cu.edu.eg/Home Email: fnt@cu.edu.com The College of Graduate Studies for Nanotechnology is a regional leader in this field of study and offers research and consulting services through “alliances with major economic entities in the local, regional and global market.” Egypt Nanotechnology Center Website: http://www.egnc.gov.eg/egnc Email: inquiry@egnc.gov.eg The Center is working with IBM teams in the U.S. and Switzerland with an initial research focus on thin film silicon photovoltaics, graphene transparent electrodes for thin film photovoltaics, energy recovery from concentrator photovoltaics for water desalination, computational model- ing and simulation, and biosensors. “These areas have been selected because of their scientific relevance and their potential impact on the economic development of Egypt.” El Nasr Glass & Crystal Co. Website: https://www.elnasrglass-eg.com/en-gb/home Contact page: https://www.elnasrglass-eg.com/en-gb/ Contact-us Founded in 1932, this subsidiary of Metallurgical Indus- tries Holding is “one of the first specialized companies in the production of glass tools.” In 2012, the company “replaced and renovated all its production lines using the latest European technology” (from Germany and Italy) to remain competitive and keep pace with the sector’s technological developments. The General Co. for Ceramic and Porcelain Products Website: http://www.sheeni-egypt.com/en Contact page: http://www.sheeni-egypt.com/en/contact-us. html A subsidiary of Metallurgical Industries Holding, this Egyptian Stock Exchange-listed company manufactures porcelain tableware, sanitaryware, and ceramics for floors and walls. German University in Cairo Website: https://www.guc.edu.eg Contact page: https://www.guc.edu.eg/en/contact.aspx Studies and research clusters in advanced engineering materials cover materials processes and analysis, struc- ture–property relationship in engineering materials, and engineering polymers and advanced materials. NanoTechnology and Advanced Materials Central Lab Website: http://www.arc.sci.eg/InstsLabs/Default. aspx?OrgID=627&TabId=0&lang=en Email: abdo@claes.sci.eg “NAMCL is the first specialized lab in Egypt work in the nano agro field,” designs nano systems for agricultural and food applications, and “plays an official monitoring role through the full characterization of the manufactured nanomaterials including the safety evaluations.” National Research Centre Website: https://www.nrc.sci.eg Email: info@nrc.sci.eg Egypt’s largest multidisciplinary R&D center is devoted to basic and applied research. Its Engineering Research Division has departments for chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering as well as solar energy and systems and information. KENYA Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Website: https://www.dkut.ac.ke Contact page: https://stp.dkut.ac.ke/contacts The University is establishing a Science and Technology Park as “an engine for innovation, incubation, development and commercialization of technology” that will integrate academic and entrepreneurial pursuits on campus. Its goals include employing research and innovation “to create intellectual property rights, spin-off companies and entrepreneurship” in three thematic areas: agri-tech (food bioresources and natural products value-addition), infor- mation and communication technology and design, and materials and manufacturing. Its initial anchor clients are Algeria Credit: Ahmed El Amine Nakib, Unsplash
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