Technical Meeting and Exhibition M AT E R I A L S S C I E N C E & T E C H N O LO G Y MS & T21 | American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 100, No. 8 36 Celebrating 100 years GREATER COLUMBUS CONVENTION CENTER | COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA PLENARY SPEAKERS Visit the MS&T Plenary Session webpage to view the complete abstracts and biographies. SPECIAL EVENTS Visit the MS&T Special Events web page to see all special events, including dates and times. SUNDAY, OCT. 17 3–5 P.M. WIKIPEDIA EDIT-A-THON FOR DIVERSITY IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING SUNDAY, OCT. 17 5–6 P.M. MS&T WOMEN IN MATERIALS SCIENCE RECEPTION MONDAY, OCT. 18 1–2 P.M. ACerS 123RD ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING MONDAY, OCT. 18 5–6 P.M. WELCOME RECEPTION HOSTED BY THE MS&T PARTNERS MONDAY, OCT. 18 7:30–10 P.M. ACerS ANNUAL HONOR AND AWARDS BANQUET MONDAY, OCT. 18–THURSDAY, OCT. 21 VARIOUS HOURS ACerS BASIC SCIENCE DIVISION CERAMOGRAPHIC EXHIBIT & COMPETITION TUESDAY, OCT. 19 VARIOUS HOURS GENERAL POSTER SESSION WITH PRESENTERS TUESDAY, OCT. 19 5:30–6:30 P.M. ACERS D&I COMMUNITY MEET & GREET Sponsored by: GE Global Research AIST ADOLF MARTENS MEMORIAL STEEL LECTURE Anil K. Sachdev Principal Technical Fellow and lab group manager at GM Global Research and Development Iron–The ubiquitous element TMS PLENARY SPEAKER Tresa Pollock Alcoa Professor of Materials at the University of California, Santa Barbara New superalloys in the Co-Ni design space for 3D printing ACerS EDWARD ORTON JR. MEMORIAL LECTURE Clive Randall Director of Materials Research Institute at The Pennsylvania State University Turning down the heat in sintering to enable the unification of all materials JOIN US FOR ACerS 123RD ANNUAL MEETING! OCT. 17–21, 2021 ACerS will host its 123rd Annual Business Meeting in conjunction with MS&T21. Plan your schedule so you can attend this meeting from 1–2 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 18, in Columbus, Ohio. The Annual Meeting will feature the outgoing president’s State of the Society report, the incoming president’s vision, new officer inductions, and a members’ town hall and question and answer session. This meeting is a great opportunity to be proactive and get involved with the Society’s present and future. If ceramics and glass are a part of your world, then join fellow members for ACerS meetings, lectures, special events, and more while at MS&T. ACerS is featuring the following award lectures at MS&T. Take the opportunity to listen to your award-winning ceramics and glass materials colleagues’ latest findings. #MST21
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