American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 100, No. 8 | 37 Celebrating 100 years MATSCITECH.ORG/MST21 Featuring: WHERE MATERIALS INNOVATION HAPPENS Annual Meeting STEEL PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS MONDAY, OCT. 18 8:10–8:55 A.M. THE NAVROTSKY AWARD FOR EXPERIMENTAL THERMODYNAMICS OF SOLIDS Xin Qian, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA MONDAY, OCT. 18 9–10 A.M. ACerS/EPDC ARTHUR L. FRIEDBERG CERAMIC ENGINEERING TUTORIAL AND LECTURE Elizabeth Opila, University of Virginia, USA ACerS RICHARD M. FULRATH AWARD SESSION Postponed to MS&T22 due to COVID-related travel restrictions. Surojit Gupta, University of North Dakota, USA Elizabeth Paisley, Sandia National Laboratory, USA Tsuyoshi Honma, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan Kenichi Okazaki, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, Japan Hirokazu Sasaki, Shoei Chemical, Inc., Japan TUESDAY, OCT. 19 1–2 P.M. ACerS FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE AND SOCIETY RUSTUM ROY LECTURE Alexander Michaelis, Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Tech- nologies & Systems IKTS, Germany Advanced ceramics for energy and environmental technology TUESDAY, OCT. 19 2–4:40 P.M. ACerS GOMD ALFRED R. COOPER AWARD SESSION COOPER DISTINGUISHED LECTURE Efstratios I. Kamitsos, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece ACerS GOMD ALFRED R. COOPER YOUNG SCHOLAR AWARD PRESENTATION Jacob M. Lovi, Iowa State University, USA Graham Beckler, Coe College, USA Lauren Y. Moghimi, Stanford University, USA WEDNESDAY, OCT. 20 1–2 P.M. ACerS BASIC SCIENCE DIVISION ROBERT B. SOSMAN LECTURE Wayne Kaplan, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Combining atomistic and continuum approaches to interfaces STUDENT ACTIVITIES Visit the MS&T Student Activities webpage to see a complete description of all student events, including details for applying for Material Advantage chapter grants and individual travel grants. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT POSTER CONTEST GRADUATE STUDENT POSTER CONTEST UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT SPEAKING CONTEST STUDENT NETWORKING MIXER ACerS STUDENT TOUR ACerS PCSA HUMANITARIAN PITCH COMPETITION CERAMIC MUG DROP CONTEST CERAMIC DISC GOLF CONTEST CAREER FAIR STUDENT AWARDS CEREMONY AIST STUDENT PLANT TOUR AIST STEEL TO STUDENTS RECRUITING RECEPTION ACerS LECTURES AND AWARDS Visit the MS&T Special Events webpage to see all lectures and awards, including dates and times.
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