45 American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 100, No. 8 | www.ceramics.org Celebrating 100 years Career Opportunities Business Services custom finishing/machining Contact Us Today! Tel: (845) 651-6600 Email: sales@zircarceramics.com www.zircarceramics.com Custom Machining Five Modern CNC Routers Two Shifts a Day, Five Days a Week! Low Mass, High Temp. ProductsCorrections Ours or Yours! Free Samples! Technical Ceramics Rauschert Industries, Inc. (U.S.A.) 949.421.9804 CustomerSupport@rauschertna.com www.rauschert.com German Quality and Innovation Contract Machining Service Since 1980 160 Goddard Memorial Dr. Worcester, MA 01603 USA Tel:(508) 791-9549 Fax:(508) 793-9814 E-mail:info@prematechac.com Website:www.PremaTechAC.com Utmost Confidentiality Alumina to Zirconia including MMC Exacting Tolerances Complex shapes to Fast & reliable service classified advertising Joe Annese Mark Annese ITAR Registered Precision Machining of Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials bomas.com PROOF American Ceramic Society Approved By: ________________________________________ Signature Required Needed Approved as is, no corrections Please FAX back approvals with a signature. Fax # 614-891-8960dicing&slicing QUALITY EXECUTIVE SEARCH,INC. Recruiting and Search Consultants Specializing in Ceramics, Refractories and Metals JOE DRAPCHO (440) 899-5070 Cell (440) 773-5937 www.qualityexec.com E-mail:qesinfo@qualityexec.com custom/toll processing services Custom forming of technical ceramics Protype, short-run and high-volume production quantities Multiple C.N.C. Capabilities Ph: 714-538-2524 | Fx: 714-538-2589 Email: sales@advancedceramictech.com www.advancedceramictech.com 39 Years of Precision Ceramic Machining AdvAnced cerAmic Technology (845) 651-3040 sales@zircarzirconia.com www.zircarzirconia.com LAB FURNACE RE-LINE AND INSULATION DISPOSAL SERVICES Columbus, Ohio 614-231-3621 www.harropusa.com sales@harropusa.com SERVICES Sintering, calcining, heat treating to 1700°C Bulk materials and shapes R&D, pilot production One-time or ongoing EQUIPMENT Atmosphere electric batch kilns to 27 cu. ft. Gas batch kilns to 57 cu. ft. TOLL FIRING 0% 100% 200% 300% 400% 0% 100% 200% 300% 400% Tool life (%) Brazed PCD End Mills Electroplated grinding wheel PCD End Mills with Multi-spiral-flutes Incredible high feed machining for CMC, MMC PCD End Mills with Multi-spiral-flutes http://www.mmus-carbide.com/ TEL : 1-800-486-2341 E-mail : marketingservices@mmus.com Productivity (%)
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