28 www.ceramics.org | American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 100, No. 8 Africa—A wealth of resources and aspirations Celebrating 100 years Directory of African refractories EGYPT Alexandria Co. for Refractories Website: https://mih.eg/myservice/alexandria-co- for-refractories Contact form: https://mih.eg/contact The company operates factories in Alexandria (for refrac- tories) and Sornaga (for ceramics). Its primary products include aluminosilicate high alumina insulating, chemi- cally bonded, and castable refractories as well as mortars. Metallurgical Industries Holding, the parent company, provides its full list of subsidiaries in iron, steel, aluminum, copper, glass and crystal, porcelain ceramics, and more at https://mih.eg/subsidiaries. Asfour for Mining & Refractories Website: https://asfourmr.com Email: info@asfourmr.com Dolomita Industrial Solutions Website: https://dolomita.com.eg/refractories Email: info@dolomita.com.eg The company provides high-performing refractory solutions to customers worldwide and in multiple industries. The raw materials it works with include calcined dolomite, flint pebbles, calcium carbonate, talc powder, iron oxide, and chamotte. Korra Tradi Website: http://korra-holding.com/refractories-profile Contact form: http://korra-holding.com/contact The company installs, repairs, maintains, and dismantles production linings. Products for the cement and foundries sectors include all types of refractory bricks, monolithics, all types of ferro alloys, pig iron, recarburizers, cored wires, nickel, inoculants, steel shots, cobalt, metallurgical coke, and magnesium metal. Nile Co. for Refractories Website: https://refnile.com/about-refractories-refractory Email: info@refnile.com The company’s brick products include fire clay, high alumina, chemically bonded high-alumina, insulation, silica, expansion joint, anchor, ISO-shape, key, magnesite, magnesia carbon, spinel, dolomite, magnesia dolomite, magnesia chrome, zirconia, and anti-acid (blue bricks). In addition, it offers refractory, low cement and insulation castables, heat set and air wet mortars, kaolin, silica, ball clay, talc, feldspar, folorspar, quartz, dolomite, ferro alloys, coke, kiln furniture, pig iron, steel shoot, steel grit, grinding balls, and steel scrap. Thermal for Ceramic Refractory & Metallurgical Products Website: http://www.thermal-refractory.com Email: Thermal_2000@hotmail.com or m.amer@thermal- refractories.com Products include high- and low-alumina, insulating and anti-acid bricks mortars castables for a variety of applications and ceramic insulators, tiles, and shisha stone. The company also offers inspection and consulting services. Wataneyia for Refractories SAE Website: https://www.w4r-eg.com Contact page: https://www.w4r-eg.com/contact-us The company’s monolithic refractories serve cement plants, steel mills, and most high-temperature industrial uses. It also offers intumescent and cementitious fireproof- ing materials for the protection of steel. KENYA Citizen Cooling Solutions Website: http://citizen- coolingsolutions.co.ke/ refractory-materials Contact page: http://citizencoolingsolutions. co.ke/contacts The company’s products include high-temperature refractory materials such as castable cement, fire bricks, insulating cement, refrac- tory mortar, binder cement, fondu cement, chrome magnesite bricks and cement, silicon manganese 60/14, tapper bricks, hearth blocks and acid resistant bricks, tiles, cement, and mortar. It supplies and installs thermal insulation and acoustic insulation materials such as ceramic fiber products, rockwool (mineral wool) blan- kets, fiber glasswool blankets, and polyethelane foam. Kingsman Engineering & Industrial Insulation Website: https://kingsmanengineering.co.ke/refractory- materials Email: info@kingsmanengineering.co.ke Firebricks, refractory castable cements, conventional dense refractories, insulating, and low cement are among the company’s products. In addition, it provides CAD and fabrication solutions. NIGERIA Eunaco Refractories Limited Website: https://eunacorefractories.com.ng Email: info@eunacorefractories.com.ng The company provides iron, steel aluminum, lead, zinc, copper, cement, and lime refractories services. SOUTH AFRICA Delta Refractories Website: http://www.deltaref.com/company-profile Contact page: http://www.deltaref.com/contact-details The company’s offerings include dense and lightweight castables and special monolithics as well as production of acid and basic monolithic refractories, design and development of custom mixes, and design and estimation (including CAD drawing). It maintains an independent testing laboratory and can provide turnkey project management and refractory consultation and arbitra- tion. See its brochures page (http://www.deltaref.com/ product_brochures) for information about its RH-degasser, casting and transfer ladles, cement industry, Delta Fiber Crete composite castables, wear resistant, pumpable, and grouting products. Durocast Website: https://www.durocast.co.za/refractory-products/ home Contact page: https://www.durocast.co.za/refractory- products/contact-durocast The company lists the following in its description of its product range: aluminosilicate, basic, silicon carbide, fused silica, insulation, preformed shapes, refractory materials, insulating materials, corrosion / chemical resistant material, casting, gunning, ramming, mortars, pumping, refractory anchors, chemical resistant products, bricks, castables, guniting, concrete products, fire protection, abrasion resis- tant flooring, grouts, testing and consulting, tiles, mortars, and monolithic refractory products. National Refractory Industries Website: https://www.caperef.co.za Contact page: https://www.caperef.co.za/index.php/ contact-us The company describes itself as a “net importer of a wide range of refractory brick, specialized refractories and insulation materials.” Its ceramic fiber line encompasses blankets, boards, paper, vacuum-formed shapes, ropes, braids, textiles, and modules. Its product list also includes basic brick, aluminosilicate firebrick, insulation brick, re- fractory castables, guniting materials, insulation castables, refractory mortars, rammables, precast and fired refractory shapes, foundry products, crucibles, crucible furnaces, mineral wool insulation mat and pipe sections, cold insulation, silicon carbide shapes, fondu cement, refractory metallic anchors and studs and shear studs. Refraline Website: https://refraline.com Contact page: https://refraline.com/contact-us The company’s areas of specialization include material development, manufacture, supply, demolition, installations, and maintenance of refractory and corrosion solutions for such industries as iron and steel, ferro-alloys, nonferrous metals, platinum group metals, aluminum, chemical and petrochemical, cement and lime, power generation, mining, paper and pulp, clay brick, glass, and ceramics. It also employs specialists in lagging and cladding. Tecera Africa Website: https://www.tecera.co.za Email: https://www.tecera.co.za/contact-us.html The company notes that it supplies alumina ceramics with 92% alumina content and high-quality wear resistance, mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical properties. Frequently manufactured items include plait flat tiles, weld- on tiles, pre-engineered pipe tiles, impact blocks, pulley lagging tiles, and cylinders. Its product lines also include silicon carbide and basalt linings, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene sheets and epoxy wearing compounds, as well as a wide range of ceramic and silicon carbide lined dense medium cyclones and classifying cyclones. 100 South Africa Credit: Dan Grinwis, Unsplash
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