15 American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 100, No. 8 | www.ceramics.org Celebrating 100 years Starbar and Moly-D elements are made in the U.S.A. with a focus on providing the highest quality heating elements and service to the global market. I Squared R Element Co., Inc. Phone: (716)542-5511 Email: sales@isquaredrelement.com www.isquaredrelement.com 56 years of service and reliability R R 734.656.2000 GasbarreIFS@gasbarre.com www.gasbarre.com THERMAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS COMPLETE LINE OF THERMAL PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Annealing n Brazing n Carbonitriding n Carburizing n Co-firing Drying n Enameling n Ferritic Nitrocarburizing Glass-to-Metal Sealing n Hardening n Inert Atmosphere Processing Nitriding n Normalizing n Quenching n Sintering Soldering n Spheroidize Annealing n Steam Treating Stress Relieving n Tempering n Vacuum Processes HIGHLY VERSATILE MODULAR VACUUM FURNACES RELIAbILITy, ExPERTISE, SERVICE & SELECTION n Batch or Continuous processing n Highly efficient n Precise control n Oil or Gas Quenching n Meets AMS 2750 and CQI-9 Requirements Hosted by ACerS Bulletin editors, Ceramic Tech Chat talks with ACerS members to learn about their unique and personal stories of how they found their way to careers in ceramics. New episodes publish the second Wednesday of each month. In the August episode of Ceramic Tech Chat, Adelle Schade, director of the Science Research Institute at Albright College, describes the importance of experiential learning in science education, her journey to founding SRI, some of the student successes from the program so far, and the valuable contributions of the late Ted Day to the program. Listen to Schade’s whole interview—and all of our other Ceramic Tech Chat episodes—at http://ceramictechchat. ceramics.org/974767. 100 Ceramic Tech Chat: Adelle Schade Society Awards Description The Rishi Raj Medal Recognizes one individual whose innovation lies at the for Innovation and cusp of commercialization in a field related, at least in Commercialization part, to ceramics and glass. Award Medal for Leadership Recognizes individuals, who through leadership and in the Advancement vision in an executive role, have made significant contri- of Ceramic butions to the success of their organization and in turn Technology have significantly expanded the frontiers of the ceramics industry. Corporate Recognizes an outstanding environmental achievement Environmental made by an ACerS corporate member in the field of Achievement Award ceramics. Corporate Technical Recognizes an outstanding technical achievement made Achievement Award by an ACerS corporate member in the field of ceramics. Richard M. Fulrath Promote technical and personal friendships between Japanese Awards and American ceramic engineers and scientists. The awards recognize individuals for excellence in research and develop- ment of ceramic sciences and materials. Nominees must be 45 or younger at the time of award presentation. www.ceramics.org/ceramic-tech-chat ceramic Techchat
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