18 www.ceramics.org | American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Vol. 100, No. 8 Celebrating 100 years ACerS members help fund new materials science camp Casey Schwarz, ACerS member and assistant professor at Ursinus College, launched the new GaMES (Glass and Materials Science to Engage Students) camp with the help of her communi- ty and funded by ACerS members through The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation. GaMES was designed around the topics and activities from CGIF’s Materials Science Classroom Kit. The week-long intensive camp successfully engaged middle and high school students targeting underrepresented STEM populations. Throughout the camp, the students learned the basic classes of materials with a special emphasis on ceramic and glass materials. The camp was a big success! All the GaMES students showed increased knowledge of STEM topics and increased interest in pursuing a STEM career. Schwarz and her colleagues will publish the results of the GaMES camp so others may learn about their model for teaching middle and high school students about materials science in an intensive camp setting. If you would like to use CGIF’s Materials Science Kits to perform outreach, contact program coordinator Amanda Engen at aengen@ceramics.org or visit http://teachmaterialscience.org to find out more. You can support the CGIF’s efforts to introduce more students to ceramic and glass materials science by donating at https://myacers.ceramics.org/donate. acers spotlight
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